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Materials Used in ED Kitchen Cabinets
About ED kitchen cabinets ,Us like to point out that ED Kitchen Cabinets are not “real wood” but Main Materials rather are made from fiber cement composite ,It is innovative wood substitution products under the brand name SHERA ply, SHERA ply is a wood substitute building material that contains no Volatile Organic Compounds or formaldehyde, a cancer-causing substance found in wooden components of housing construction. Moreover, SHERA ply is termite resistant, so harmful termite and insect control chemicals are not required. It is perfect for interior spaces that are frequented by members of your family.

The fact that residents cannot avoid being in close contact with interior construction materials makes it important that those elements be safe, durable, and, most of all, free from toxins. The present trend is that wood substitute materials are widely used in built-in furniture or decorative wall and ceiling fixtures, so choosing quality, non-toxic panel materials can result in a healthier home and healthier homeowners, reducing the risks of illnesses such as allergies or cancer which occur from mold spores or substances that are emitted as volatile fumes found in termite-control chemicals or as formaldehyde in some types of wood substitutes.

Homeowners who choose water, fire, and termite resistant SHERA ply need not worry about their furniture being damaged, or swelling, twisting, or falling apart when exposed to water. And unlike real wood that inevitably comes with some degree of risk of termites/wood boring insects, SHERA ply requires no termite control procedure.

The Green Policy in use at SHERA ensures that SHERA ply contributes to environmental preservation. The product life-cycle is taken into account in all manufacturing processes, which use over 65% recycled materials. As a consequence, SHERA ply is ideal for GREEN building concepts, which emphasize selecting eco-friendly materials and reducing energy consumption. Furthermore, it does not contain Volatile Organic Compounds, guaranteeing better indoor air quality and thus, healthier inhabitants.

Kitchens And Pantries
Kitchens typically have wooden or plywood cabinets and shelves to store utensils, food and so on. In reality, by the very nature of what is kept on them, these cabinets and shelves are often infested with mold and termites or other insects. Regular contact with heat and humidity also makes the furniture swell or twist. This is where a high quality wood substitute like SHERA ply comes into its own: it can be an everlasting, built-in piece of furniture in the kitchen because it is resistant to heavy-duty usage, water, fire and wood boring insects, whilst keeping the aesthetic qualities and workability associated with traditional paneling.

Inflammability rate = 0%
Material is fire resistant, does not ignite, does not propagate the fire, does not support the spread of fire and does not release toxic fumes while subjected to fire. Therefore, SHERA ply helps encourage the fire safety for your loved ones.

Air pollution rate = 0%
Free from pesticide and cancer-causing formaldehyde which is often found in common furniture production. Hence, all areas in your home including the bedroom, living room, and kitchen stay clean with only fresh air to breath for you and your family.

Swelling rate = 0%
Stable even against hot water, and humidity. SHERA ply is water resistant and mold resistant. Even in warm, wet, and humid bathroom or kitchen area. SHERA ply remains in good condition which allows you to live worry free.

Life-time guarantee against termites and borers
Life-time guarantee against termites and borers. SHERA ply has lift-time guarantee against termites & borers. It keeps you away from maintenance and pesticide problems as your SHERA ply furniture will never be damaged by any kind of insect.